YouTube Unblocker

Our safe web proxy lets you unblock YouTube and other widely used blocked sites within your local network, with just a single click. We protect your Internet anonymity while in the same time allowing you to have the luxury of uninterrupted access to censored websites.

How do we do that? We act as a go between, fetching web content so that we can hide your sensitive information such as IP address and user-agent. We replace these values with our own, to make sure your online identity stays secured. All unblocked websites see us, and your LAN sees us - not the actual site, and you get to use your favorite websites just like you are at a computer with direct unrestricted access to Internet.

We are not affiliated with YouTube, LLC in any manner. We completely run on on-site advertising for our revenue, so you don't need to worry about paying any fees to enjoy anonymous unblocking. Our service is for protecting your online freedom; we have zero tolerance for any kind of abuse on our resources. We keep logs to track people who violate our good intentions. Please refer our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Address:  [Options]

This unblocker comes with a cleaner interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Simply use our fast YouTube unblocker to get on with the best YT videos at college, university, on the job, or anywhere you need free net access. If require, you can even custom select your browser user-agent with referral settings.

Bookmark us & visit again. Please use the top-right menu or simply press Ctrl+D.

Firewalls utilize advanced detection mechanisms to locate web proxies. You can be benefited by a secret channel of fresh unblockers by hooking up with our Yahoo group. Simply enter your e-mail and press 'Join'

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